An important element of training is Recovery Time. The inhibiting factor of a grueling workout is the Lactic Acid and Inflammation build-up in the muscle tissue. Time between workout and recovery may depend on the pain from Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) post training.

At Physical Chiropractic of Tampa Bay, we utilize a special flushing protocol developed by Dr. Rhee during his travels with UCLA Men’s Track and Field. This method will remove Lactic Acid and Inflammation to reduce painful recovery time so that you as an athlete can recover faster and perform smarter. 

Along with Flushing, the Hyperbaric Chamber (HBOT) is the best kept secret to a speedy recovery. Well-known in the professional world, HBOT sends more oxygen to damaged tissue to speed up healing in a safe and secure environment. 

In addition to Flushing and HBOT, Whole Body Cryotherapy is utilized to decrease recovery time with the process of sympathetic to para sympathetic reaction. This increases vaso dilation to quickly allow unwanted metabolic waste to exit the damaged area. Studies indicate WholeBody Cryotherapy will reduce DOMS from 96 hours to 36 hours. 

And let’s not forget about removing those subluxations with the use of corrective chiropractic adjustments too! 

With Flushing, HBOT, WholeBody Cryotherapy and chiropractic care, athletes can take full advantage of training at peak performance with less down time.